Handicapped Teams

A team's raw result from the Championship Teams qualifier is handicapped. The method used is as follows:

A team's handicap (in IMPs) is calculated as follows (based upon EBU recommendations):

(A - B) x N x 0.3086


  • A is the average EBU NGS percentage for all participating teams with a handicap.
  • B is the team's average (current) EBU NGS percentage.
  • N is the number of boards played by each team

Roll of Honour

Our history of winners for this event is below. Select the year to see the result for that year (where available).

Year Winners

Clive Pengelly, Nora Mallett,

Fiona Herlihy, Richard Gribble


Mike Huggins, Jeremy Rickard,

Irene Robinson & Jack Terry


Hilda Ball, Mick Brown,

David Gregory & Colin Lennox


Mike Forrest, David Gregory,

David J Griffiths & Brian Taylor


Mick Brown, Colin Lennox,

Nora Mallett & Clive Pengelly


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