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This page shows recent success (last 60 days) for our members in ACBA events, the Western League, and outside. It is generally updated once or twice a month. The webmaster keeps an eye out for our members who do well in EBU competitions (whose results are available on the EBU website) and also displays them here. Results for other events are only displayed if the webmaster hears about them. If you have done well in such an event, please send an email to

David Jones also reports on member successes in our Avon report for the bi-monthly EBU magazine. Please get in touch with him if you want to report anything there.

Congratulations to our members who have done well in the following events. Results are posted for our members who appear in the top 10% of the field (rounded up), or who reach the latter rounds of knock-out competitions.

ACBA Events

  • League Div II 2016-17: LIHOU (John Brandon-Joyce, Carol Gregg, Marguerite Lihou, Oli-Espitalier Noel, Vanessa O'Callaghan & Deborah Ogilvie) won this competition, in a field of 6 teams.
  • League Div I 2016-17: HARTLEY (Graham Hartley, Tim Brierley, Trevor Ward, Rob Lawy, Suzy Lawson & Mike Elliott) won this competition, in a field of 7 teams.
  • Avon/EBU Green-Point Swiss Teams (21st May): Mike Best, Phil Felman and Tony Disley (with K Maddox) came 2nd and Andy, Cathy & Ralph Smith with Steve Tomlinson came 5th, in a field of 49 teams.
  • Avon/EBU Green-Point Swiss Pairs (20th May): Huw Oliver & Tony Gammon and Cathy & Andy Smith were 1st=, Rob Lawy (with Stefan Lindfors) came 3rd and Gareth Evans (with Chris Cooper) came 7th=, in a field of 100 pairs).
  • Knock-out Plate: This was won by the OLIVER team (Tony Gammon, Brian Goalby, Nelson Stephens, Eric Cummings & Ceri Pierce, NPC - Huw Oliver), in a field of four teams.
  • Main Knock-out: Tim Brierley, Chris Dixon, Graham Hartley, David Jones, Rob Lawy & Trevor Ward won this competition, in a field of 8 teams. They get to represent Avon in the EBU Pachabo Cup in June.
  • League Div III 2016-17: BLACKNELL (Richard Blacknell, Gill Davies, Muriel Bailey, Sue O'Hara, Gerry Gowling & Mary McKenzie) have won this competition, in a field of 6 teams.

Western League

National Knock-out Events

  • EBU Gerard Faulkner Salver 2016-17. The SHELLEY team (Peter Shelley, Mike Letts, Brian Goalby, Andrew Urbanski & Tony Gammon) have reached the semi-final stage.
  • EBU NICKO 2016-17. The Bristol 'B' team (Tim Brierley, Chris Dixon, Graham Hartley & David Jones) have reached the semi-final stage.
  • Silver Plate 2017. The team of Mike Huggins, Irene Robinson, Jack Terry, Jeremy Rickard & Tony Gammon have reached the fourth round.
  • EBU Crockfords Cup 2016-17. The team of Peter Shelley, Brian Goalby, Robert Covill & Steve Turner have reached the fifth round (last 16).

Other Events

  • EBU Corwen Trophy (3rd - 4th June): Graham Hartley & Tim Brierley came 4th, in a field of 100 pairs. 
  • EBU Garden Cities SW Regional Final (6th May): The Bristol Bridge Club team (Mike Letts & Andrew Urbanski, Graham Hartley & Rob Lawy, Robert Covill & Steve Turner and Trevor Ward & David Jones) won this event and have reached the National Final, to be held in June.
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