Member success

This page shows recent success (last 60 days) for our members in ACBA events, the Western League, and outside. It is generally updated once or twice a month. The webmaster keeps an eye out for our members who do well in EBU competitions (whose results are available on the EBU website) and also displays them here. Results for other events are only displayed if the webmaster hears about them. If you have done well in such an event, please send an email to

David Jones also reports on member successes in our Avon report for the bi-monthly EBU magazine. Please get in touch with him if you want to report anything there.

Congratulations to our members who have done well in the following events. Results are posted for our members who appear in the top 10% of the field (rounded up), or who reach the latter rounds of knock-out competitions.

ACBA Events

Western League

National Knock-out Events

  • EBU Crockfords Cup 2018-19. The team of Chris Dixon, David Jones, Trevor Ward, Peter Shelley, Mike Huggins and Andrew Urbanski reached the last 16..

Other Events

  • EBU Garden Cities : The Bristol Bridge Club team (Mike Letts & Andrew Urbanski, Mike Huggins, Rob Lawy, Chris Dixon, David Jones, Steve Tomlinson, Ralph Smith, Trevor Ward and Peter Shelley) reached the National Final.
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