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  • County Knock Out

    The teams entered for thsi seasons's KO are as follows... Hartley (Brierley, Dixon, Jones, Lawy, Atthey) Wibberley (Rickard, Glass, Letts, Urbanski, Channack) Smith (A,C,R Smith, Tomlinson) Birt (Richards, Felman, Disley, Best) Page (Oakley, C&M Davies, Brady, Williams) Green (Grss, Holmes-Mackie, P&J Green) Turner (Covill, Ward, Shelley) Robinson (Huggins, Evans, Gammon) The first round draw is Hartley v Smith Page v BirtGreen v Robinson Wibberley v Turner read more...
    Tuesday, 03 October 2017 by Gareth Evans
  • County League Teams

    The County League Teams for the coming season are as follows... League 1 - Hartley (Brierley, Atthey, Lawson, Elliott, Lawy), Jones (Dixon, Ward, Shelley, Covill, Turner), Smith (A, C & R Smith, Tomlinson), Robinson (Huggins, Evans, Gammon) and Birt (Disley, Richards, Felman, Best) Please note - Bristol BC have requested that no matches should be scheduled to clash with their club or county competitions or the Premier Pairs. League 2 - Page (Oakley, C&M Davies, Brady, Williams), Lihou... read more...
    Tuesday, 03 October 2017 by Gareth Evans
  • Avon Successes in West of England Congress -

    There were a number of great results for our members as follows... Simon Rye and John Brandon-Joyce won the Swiss Pairs in a field of 160 pairs. In the Swiss Teams, John Councer was second, Steve Tomlinson, Mike Brady, andrew and Cathy Smith came 4th and Irene Robinson, Robert Covill, Mike Huggins and Mike Elliott were 5th. Chris Selway came 4th in the Ladies Pairs. Congratulatiosn to them all. read more...
    Monday, 02 October 2017 by Gareth Evans
  • County Directors Course

    we are pleased to announce that Gareth Evans has recently passed the EBU County Directors Course with distinction. read more...
    Monday, 25 September 2017 by Gareth Evans
  • Tollemache Team Selection -

    Tim Brierley, Graham Hartley, Trevor Ward, Peter Shelley, Chris Dixon, David Jones, Steve Turner, Robert Covill, Mike Huggins and Rob Lawy have been selected to represent Avon in the inter-county teams of eight competition. The qualifying round will be held 18-19 November, read more...
    Saturday, 22 July 2017 by Gareth Evans
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