ACBA Knock-out Plate 2017-18

Matches in this competition are 32 boards for the final and 24 boards for earlier rounds. Those teams losing their first round match in the Main event will automatically enter this competition. This year we will have four teams participating.

More information will be provided when this competition starts.

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Roll of Honour

2016-17 Tony Gammon, Brian Goalby, Nelson Stephens, Eric Cummings & Ceri Pierce (NPC - Huw Oliver)
2015-16 Robert Glass, Mike Letts, Jeremy Rickard & Andrew Urbanski
2014-15 Robert Covill, Robert Glass, Mike Letts, Jeremy Rickard, Andrew Urbanski & Alan Williams
2013-14 Ray Mardon, Sheila Montgomery, Sue O'Hara & Nelson Stephens
2012-13 Mike Davies, Colin Oakley, Eric Page & Jack Terry
2011-12 Phil Channack, Brian Dyde, Peter Sherry & Brian Wibberley
2010-11 Tony Gammon, Brian Goalby, Mike Letts, Tony Letts & Huw Oliver
2009-10 Robert Covill, Robert Glass, Jeremy Rickard & Aidan Schofield
2008-09 Tim Brierley, Mike Davies, Mike Elliott & Paul Keightley
2007-08 Gareth Evans, Richard Farrer, Bernard Mitchell & Damian Nicholls
2006-07 Robyn Dower, Alan Jones, Marc Lee, Dan McIntosh, Mark Reeve & Jack Terry
2005-06 Richard Farrer, Lewis Morton, Damian Nicholls & Arnold Taylor
2004-05 Colin Cheek, Brian Dyde, David Hamper, Peter Sherry & Mike Short
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