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The Western League is a league run between eight of the south-western counties. It runs from October to April and comprises of three divisions ('A', 'B' and 'C'). Each county plays each other county once, each division playing a 24-board match, and the results are converted to VPs.

All matches on Saturday at 2.00p.m.  on Realbridge playing 24 boards, so no travelling! :

All matches attract green-points for the winning team and all county players (other than complete beginner) are invited to put themselves forward to play. Players interested in competing in this league should contact the organiser (Mike Huggins email mhuggins00@gmail.com).

The winners of each division have a chance to represent their county at a national final (held by the EBU), normally played in late June or early July. Each division has its own winner, and there is an overall winner, based on the combined VP results of all three divisions.

Latest Results

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Match fixtures 2023-4

30/9/23 East Wales  
4/11/23  Dorset  
2/12/23 Devon  
13/1/24 Somerset  
3/2/23 Hereford  
16/3/24 Wiltshire  
6/4/23   Cornwall  


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