Ladies' PairsThursday 10th November 2016Bristol BC, 7.15pmCurrent holders: Gill Davies & Margaret Randell

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A Duplicate Pairs event where each partnership must contain two female players. Pre-entry is not required and table money is normal Bristol BC table money plus £1 per player (50p for juniors).

Roll of Honour
2016-17 Gill Davies & Margaret Randell
2015-16 Pat Chant & Cathy Davies
2014-15 Pat Chant & Cathy Davies
2013-14 June Forte & Julienne Holder
2012-13 Marguerite Lihou & Delia Stephens
2011-12 Judy Archer & Pauline Hart
2010-11 June Forte & Julienne Holder
2009-10 Sue Lowe & Sue O'Hara
2008-09 Chris King & Cathy Walker
2007-08 Cathy Smith & Lesley Smith
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