County Knock Out

Tuesday, 03 October 2017 by Gareth Evans

The teams entered for thsi seasons's KO are as follows...


Hartley (Brierley, Dixon, Jones, Lawy, Atthey)

Wibberley (Rickard, Glass, Letts, Urbanski, Channack)

Smith (A,C,R Smith, Tomlinson)

Birt (Richards, Felman, Disley, Best)

Page (Oakley, C&M Davies, Brady, Williams)

Green (Grss, Holmes-Mackie, P&J Green)

Turner (Covill, Ward, Shelley)

Robinson (Huggins, Evans, Gammon)


The first round draw is


Hartley v Smith

Page v BirtGreen v Robinson

Wibberley v Turner